Lijst van Album (Discografie & Tijdlijn) : Stem op uw favorieten.

Lijst van  Album  (Discografie & Tijdlijn)   : Stem op uw favorieten.

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The Gregory Brothers are an American musical group, specializing in comedy music and pitch correction through their YouTube channel Schmoyoho (), who have characterized their music as "Country & Soul, Folk & Roll".

They are most famous for their creation of musical viral videos, most notably the "Winning" song that won a 2012 Comedy Award, as well as the Songify the News series (formerly known as Auto-Tune the News) and the "Bed Intruder Song" that received over 135 million YouTube views and entered the Billboard Hot 100.

The three Gregory brothers – drummer Michael, guitarist Andrew Rose and keyboardist Evan – originally from Radford, Virginia, moved to Brooklyn, New York in the mid-2000s and met bassist Sarah Fullen (who married Evan) in the local music scene. The band was formed in 2007, with all four members providing vocals, often accompanying "songified" individuals.

After ten years of activity, having garnered the most views by songifying the likes of Antoine Dodson, Charlie Sheen, Paul Vasquez and Daymon Patterson, their Schmoyoho channel reached three million subscribers in March 2017. In commemoration, the Gregory Brothers released a "mega-mashup" of their work, in which they outlined their main goal of eliciting "the maximum amount of happiness for the maximum amount of time".



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